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Honestly, this kind of article is’nt really me ( see ?), you know what I mean ? I mean, this ‘world’, is’nt my ‘world’. But when I tried to look for, why do people acces my weblog ? The first keyword is “ Bisnis Apotek”, and the second is “ OTC Marketsize”. Hmm, it seems that the marketing practitioners try to search the specific word using the Google and they found my weblog. Okay, so, just deal with it. So in the middle of my activity ( actually, blog is’nt my fave activity guys…), I’ve to ‘take care’ of my blog, but still, real business in real life is always better, see ?

Pasar OTC ( Over The Counter)

In 2005, the Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing Industry generated an estimated turnover of Rp.26,200 Billions compared to Rp.25,110 Billions in the previous year. This is an increase of 4.34 percent.Value added is estimated to have increased by 2.73 per cent from Rp.6,530 Billions in 2004 to Rp.6,708 Billions in 2005. This industry’s contribution to Indonesia’s GDP is 0.28 per cent. In 2005 it is estimated that 355,900 persons are employed by 205 establishments in this industry. Employment decreased by approximately 0.7 per cent or 2,500 persons in 2005 compared to the previous year, while the number of establishments decreased by 3 players in the same period . Total wages was estimated to be Rp.4,627 Billions in 2005 decreasing from Rp.4,957 Billions in the previous year.Domestic demand calculated as revenue plus imports less exports in 2005 is estimated to total Rp.29,370 Billions. This is an increase of 3.37 percent compared to the previous year where domestic demand total Rp.28,412 Billions.

It is estimated that about 90.0 percent of the total volume of this industry were marketed domestically. The main markets are hospitals and drug stores, especially for drugs needing a doctor’s prescription.

The barrier of entry for this industry is high and the trend is increasing. The barriers include: The high level of initial capital expenditure required establishing a manufacturing plant, intellectual property, the existence of several established-and often global-operators with significant market strength, high technology, the high cost of research and development, skill intensity, high levels of government regulations, including stringent quality and compliance standards.

The basis of competition depends in part on whether the product is still in patent, out of patent or is a generic equivalent. It will also depend on whether the product is a new innovative pharmaceutical for which there is “no reasonable alternative”, or is a product for which there is a therapeutic alternative. The basis of competition will also vary between OTC (over the counter) products and complementary or alternative therapeutic products. Competition based on price, especially for the OTC products, based on product type (especially for antibiotics),competition based on service, i.e. recruitment of medical detailers to launch the new products,competition based on brands- Brand image building by implementing media advertising-

Global Trade

The level of export is medium. The export trend is increasing. Total exports in 2005 are estimated to be Rp.1,748 Billions, decreasing from Rp.1,853 Billions the previous year. Export, as a share of turnover is 6.67 per cent in 2005 compared to 7.38 per cent in the previous year. Between 2001 and 2005, the share of export to turnover averages 7.12 per cent. Mainly exports went to Nigeria, Malaysia, Australia, Korea, Thailand and Japan. The level of import is high. The import trend is increasing. Total Imports in 2005 is estimated to be Rp.4,918 Billions, decreasing from Rp.5,155 Billions in the previous year. Import, as a share of domestic demand is 16.74 per cent in 2005 compared to 18.14 per cent in the previous year. Between 2001 and 2005, imports as a share of domestic demand averages 16.33 per cent. Imports mainly came from Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States. China is also significant contributor and has showed an annual increase.

Data taken from : PT. Dataindo Inti Swakarsa

NB : According to my blogstat ( below), most of the clickers searched the word “ OTC Marketsize” and, they found my blog, now, I give you the “word” ( Hah…..)

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  2. Thank you so much for applying time in order to post
    “OTC Marketsize Pharmacy Business; an overview
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